MODEL 1000C500 – Vertical Grinder

Table Size
Max Part Height
Swing Diameter
Spindle HP
Spindle RPM
Axes & Accuracy
Table Size
Spindle HP
Table Diameter 1000 mm, Max Part Height 1016 mm

660 mm

15 HP
1500-7500 RPM

X, 5 Microns (0.0002”)
Z, 5 Microns (0.0002”)

B, 2.5 Microns (0.0001")
C, 2.5 Microns (0.0001")

X, Y, Z


  • Fanuc CNC Control
  • Precision Roller Ways on all Axes
  • Ability to use Any Abrasive (Super-Abrasive and Conventional)
  • OD/ID Grinding Spindle
  • X and Z Axes Linear Motor Technology 
  • Single Point Dresser
  • Linear Glass Scales on all Axes
  • Roller Style Table Bearing
  • Full Enclosure


  • Turning Capabilities
Campbell Grinder’s new 1000T500 Vertical Turning and Grinding Machine offers turning, threading, and grinding, all in a vertical machining center that has a small footprint. This machine’s grinding capabilities offer OD, ID, and face grinding. A 15 position, fully-automatic tool changer is included. This tool changer changes wheels, turning tools, and coolant blocks, to allow perfect coolant to wheel alignment. Grinding wheels, Turning tools, and Part probes are stored in the ATC to accommodate an uninterrupted cycle, allowing the operator to focus on the process. For over 53 years, Campbell Grinder has been leading the way in high-precision, engineered grinding solutions.