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Machine Building

Machine Builder

Building grinding machines is both a science and an art. Most of our machine builders have spent decades building machines here at Campbell Grinder, and so they understand the subtle nuances involved in building robust machines that contain hundreds of components that need to work together flawlessly. Each of our Machine Builders consider themselves to be both scientists and artists, and take exceptional pride in their ability to build ultra-precision machines that have robust longevity. 

Our Machine Builders are cross-trained and proficient in multiple areas, including hydraulics, filtration, pneumatics, electrical and controls, and inspection. A team is assigned to each machine build, and this same team works together on that machine from leveling the base, all the way through simulation, FEA, final debugging, and insuring that parts are made to precise specifications.

Also here at Campbell Grinder, we don’t have the proverbial wall between our Machine Building shop and Engineering offices.  Instead, due to our collaborative culture and single-site facility, our Machine Builders work very closely with our Engineering Teams throughout both the engineering and build process. Over the past 50+ years, we’ve learned that this type of environment results in machines that run faster, better, longer, and cost less to operate.