Our Processes – Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Grinding Machine Engineering

“Use new and modern technologies to execute tried-and-true grinding principals.” Therein lies the equation that Campbell Grinder has been successfully decrypting since the early 1950’s. 

We have a cohesive group of Engineering Teams that work together to solve the often-times unique grinding problems presented by our prospects, customers, and Sales Team. Besides the intricacies of physics, these teams work with our Electricians, Plumbers, and Procurement Engineers on each machine component. They also use cutting-edge FEA (finite elements analysis), which allows them to predict our machines’ final geometric characteristics prior to ordering the build materials. 

These collaborative efforts help guarantee that every detail of our machine design meets the needs of fit, form, and function, making our machines tremendously consistent in their production, robust in their longevity, and extremely efficient to service.