Campbell ODGgrinders are the product of over 50 years of experience in the Grinding Machine Industry. Our company is revered for its ability to tailor our OD Grinding Machines to meet the needs of our customers. We not only deliver exceptional Grinding Machines, we also make sure that our customers have input in almost every step of the design process.

We cater to adaptability. Our OD Grinding Machine Designs are completely versatile to ensure that we meet every one of a specific projects' OD Grinding Needs. Our designs incorporate the flexibility to add multiple Grinding Spindles to the same Head, or Tool and Nozzle Changer, add in a Wireless Part Probe, or include any other special Tool or Custom Feature to create a solution to whatever Outer Diameter Grinding Challenges our customers are facing. From Single Workpiece production to Small and Large Series OD production operations, our OD Grinding Machine designs are completely accommodating to whatever project is at hand.


Model 750s are designed for both OD and ID functionality and are one of our most economical machines. Their Tiny Footprint and Highly Rigid Design make for a stable machine with high accuracy and repeatability. The machine is fully customizable from tip to tail with a stockade of options to increase it's functionality and ease of use.

MODEL 1000
Model 1000 Machines are the next step beyond the 750s. Model 1000's are both OD and ID Capable with a larger workspace and more axes of motion. This design also opens the door to a larger potential of customizable add-ons.