The model 3000 described on this page is configured to grind high nickel alloy components for the aerospace engine industry. This model is dual headed, enabling the machine to grind both sides of the component at the same time. The machine is comprised of 2 horizontal axes, X1 and X2, 2 vertical axes, Z1 and Z2, 2 spindle swivel axes, B1 and B2, 2 grinding spindles, one for each side, and 2 spindle mounted dressers, W1 and W2. The Y axis is used as the primary reciprocating grind axis. The machine is controlled by a single Fanuc CNC control that can operate both heads simultaneously.
MODEL 4000
Dimensions: 8.5 M x 3.6 M
Part Diameter: up to 850 mm
Axes: 8+
Part Length: 500 mm - 3300 mm
Simultaneous control of multi axis

Axis Control Features:

Advanced High Resolution Vector Control. (HRV2)
Absolute Position Detection.
Hardware and Software Over Travel Protection.


Tool and Nozzle Changer.
Wireless Part Probe.
Laser Part Measuring.
Mist Collector.
Air Knife.
Continuous Dress, Continuous Feed.
Fire Suppression.
Gap Eliminator.
Wheel Balancer.
Numerous Spindle and RPM Combinations.
Model 3000 Custom Grinder