The Model 930 Vertical Grinding Machine is a proven design that combines our model 1000 traveling column with a time-tested 5-Axes layout to create one robust machine. It is especially well suited for Grinding Turbine Engine Vanes, Buckets, Shrouds, Hangers, Panels and Fairings. Depending on the size selected, this machine can be used to manufacture anything from Small Jet Engine Vanes to large land-based Turbine Parts. The 930 Vertical Grinding Machine can be set up to handle many applications. Please contact Campbell Grinder Company for an in depth review to match your component needs.

930E750 Vertical Axis Grinder

MODEL 930E750
Table Size: 750 mm
Part Height: 750 mm
Axes: X, Y, Z, B, C
Spindle: 60 HP

Standard Features:

Traveling Column.
5 Axes with 4 or 5 Axes Simultaneous Interpolation (Depending on Control).
Rotary Work Table.
Direct Drive, Liquid-Cooled Motorized Grinding Spindle.
Large Box Section Frame for Extreme Stiffness and Superior Machine Geometry.
Full Machine Enclosure.
Fanuc CNC Control.
Precision Roller Ways on all Axes.
Ability to use Any Abrasive (Super-Abrasive and Conventional).
Linear Glass Scales on all Axes.
Linear Motors.
Through-the-Table Hydraulics.
Grind, Drill and Mill in One Setup.
Grind ID and OD on Turbine Vane Segments in One Setup.
Tool Centerpoint Control.
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