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Campbell Grinder Company

Campbell Grinder Company is an American leader in providing fully customizable grinding machines. Each grinder that leaves our factory is the result of hundreds of hours of engineering based around the best method to produce our customers' parts. The many years of combined experience between our engineering team helps yield not only the best vertical grinding machines made in America, but the best, highest-quality parts made by those vertical and creep feed grinding machines too.

Although aerospace engines are Campbell Grinder Company's largest market we also serve land-based, military, high production and job shop markets.

Campbell Grinder Company is not tied to a fixed set of castings. Instead we combine Finite Element Analysis (FEA), modular construction using rigid box sections, and countless hours of research to create whatever grinding machine configuration best produces your parts. That might mean multiple grinding heads, automated tool changers, linear motors, a traveling column, robot integration, a vertical configuration with creep-feed capability, or 20 feet of axis movement...You name it!

Although vertical grinding machines are our specialty, our creep feed and multi-axis grinding machine designs have been admired by US manufacturers for over 50 years. These models also come with a standard package but over 80% of them are customized in the design process. Our creep feed machines are especially revered in the grinding industry and are a standard for many big name turbine blade manufacturers in America. Over the last decade our creep feed grinding machines have even started to gain momentum in the calendar roll industry.

Do you Grind Parts Similar to These?
If so, Campbell Grinder Company builds the machine designed for the job. Just click on the photo to check out what machine models are right for you. Here at Campbell Grinder Company innovation and multi-functional capability is our specialty. Not only do these machines all grind but many can turn, mill, drill, probe and depending on the model they can creep feed grind, conventional grind, and also superabrasive grind. Depending on the model these machines can ID grind, OD grind, taper grind, form grind, grind radial slots, grind arcs, grind faces and many other surfaces.

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