OD & ID Grinders

Campbell Grinder Company's product line sets a precedent for the grinding machine community. We design our grinding machines to provide turn-key solutions for our customers' needs and no option or desire is a stretch for our talented group of engineers. Our 14 models have hundreds of custom add-ons - from tailor-made CNC programs to numerous table chuck and spindle sizes (as well as dual table and spindle options), tool changers with up to 20 slots and micron-level filtration systems we have something for every need.

OD and ID grinding machines were one of the initial strongholds when Campbell Grinder Company first began. Some of these cylindrical grinders are still in working order and are highly sought after even to this day almost 60 years later. We pride ourselves in developing a quality product and providing our customers with the support they need to extend the lifespan of their machines. Below are the latest models in Campbell's line of OD and ID grinding machines.

Model 750

  • Model 750s are specifically designed for OD and ID functionality and are one of our most economical machines. Their tiny footprint and highly rigid design make for a stable machine with high accuracy and repeatability. The machine is fully customizable from tip to tail with a stockade of options to increase it's functionality and ease of use.

Model 1000

  • Model 1000 machines are the next step beyond the 750s. A larger workspace and more axes of motion open the door to a larger potential of customizable options on this model.