The MicroTech GravityFlo Filter (MGF) is an automatic gravity filter designed for cleaning all types of water based coolants. The MGF is a simple yet very effective paper roll media filter that provides continuous removal of grinding particles from metalworking coolant. GravityFlo filters assure a consistent supply of clean coolant which is filtered down to 20 - 30 microns at flow rates up to 100 GPM. They are an economical option to roll media vacuum filters or pressure filters.


Can be designed to have a particularly compact footprint to enable the machine to be used in areas with restricted floor space or areas not typically suited for the installation of large, bulky machinery.

Designed to give customers the most mileage out of their investment. Our unique mixture of features enables a customer to gain the maximum productivity out of machine at the minimum cost of maintenance.

High quality components designed for longevity allow for minimal servicing of the MVF. Monitoring of these components using alarms and gauges ensures the least possible amount of time is spent on identifying any problems that may occur.

Optional bag filters may be included for filtering ceramic debris.

Microtech Gravity Filter
Microtech Drum Filter