The MicroTech GravityFlo Filter (MGF) is an automatic gravity filter designed for cleaning all types of water based coolants. The MGF is a simple yet very effective paper roll media filter that provides continuous removal of grinding particles from metalworking coolant. GravityFlo filters assure a consistent supply of clean coolant which is filtered down to 20 - 30 microns at flow rates up to 100 GPM. They are an economical option to roll media vacuum filters or pressure filters.


Uses cellulose to form depth filtration preventing surface blinding common to roll media filters.

Has a permanent-media sealed filter element without moving roll media that can rip or bypass solids.

Has 30% more filter area than roll media filters with lower fluid velocity providing longer filter cycles.

Coats all the filter area for low fluid velocity, the media filter advances a few inches with high velocity.

Offers two stages of filtration - gravity settling and depth filtration.

Has no large, hard to clean vacuum box like those found in roll media filters.

Has an element backwash for the used dirty cellulose with no messy and costly disposal of dirty roll media.

Has surface flushing moving the floating swarf to the ramp for dragout removal unlike the roll media filter.

Filter area can be expanded in the field for different applications not possible with flat bed media filters.

Microtech Vacuum Filter
Microtech Gravity Filter