Here at Campbell Grinder Company innovation and multi-functional capability is our specialty. Not only do our machines Grind Parts but many can Turn, Mill, Drill, Probe and, depending on the model, they can Creep Feed Grind, Conventional Grind, and Superabrasive Grind. Our machines are capable of ID Grind, OD Grind, Taper Grind, Form Grind, Grind Radial Slots, Grind Arcs, Grind Faces and many other surfaces. The following pages are dedicated to showcasing the variety of applications our machines are capable of grinding.

Z-Notch Turbine Blade Grinding

Campbell has long been a leader in Turbine Blade Grinding Technology, with Multiple Blade Cells at leading manufacturers. In one case, each Cell has two Model 950 Machines (replaced by the Model 800) sharing a Single Coolant System to lessen floor space requirements. The Machines use a Blended Wheel (conventional and CBN) process that allow Campbell to choose the most effective wheel for each cut. This ability helps minimize cost-per-part and maximize productivity. The machines are fitted with HSK Wheel Mounts, quick change Dresser Rolls, and Erowa part Pallet Systems. This allows part change overs in less than thirty minutes per part.