Here at Campbell Grinder Company innovation and multi-functional capability is our specialty. Not only do our machines Grind Parts but many can Turn, Mill, Drill, Probe and, depending on the model, they can Creep Feed Grind, Conventional Grind, and Superabrasive Grind. Our machines are capable of ID Grind, OD Grind, Taper Grind, Form Grind, Grind Radial Slots, Grind Arcs, Grind Faces and many other surfaces. The following pages are dedicated to showcasing the variety of applications our machines are capable of grinding.


Honeycomb Seals in Turbine Components are used to achieve and control the level of compression throughout the entire Engine or Turbine Assembly. Campbell Grinder Company has tackled many projects which require Honeycomb Grinding Applications. Campbell process deburs Honeycomb while Grinding, preventing the Honeycomb material from Smearing, Burring or Closing off Cells.