800A600 Creep Feed Grinding Machine

The model 800’s configuration is optimized for creep-feed grinding processes. These machines are designed with 3 Axes of motion using a traveling column design with a Y axis ram traveling on the Z axis and a stationary work piece. The 800 creep feed grinder’s structure allows for a small machine footprint. All three structural guideway rail mating components have a large closed box cross section which maximizes the grinding stiffness and geometric accuracy of these machines. This configuration allows for easy implementation of common creep feed grinder options such as continuous-dress creep-feed (CDCF) grinding and indexing table part loading.
cylindrical grinding machine

Model 800A600

  • Table Size: 600 x 400 mm
  • Part Height: 600 mm
  • Axes: X, Y, Z
  • Spindle: 60 HP

Standard Features:

  • Traveling column
  • Liquid-cooled, horizontal grinding spindle
  • Spindle power from 20 to 150 HP
  • Wheel widths up to 10 inches in 2 inch increments
  • Liquid cooled, overhead dresser
  • Table size 36” and larger in X-Axis
  • Extremely stiff design using FEA on all machine components
  • No special foundation required
  • All axes use ball screws that are fixed on both ends or (optionally) linear motors
  • Linear glass scales on all axes
  • Roller way systems on all axes
  • Y-Axis is fully counter-balanced
  • Ways at outside edges for maximum rigidity
  • Fanuc CNC controls with customized software designed for creep feed applications
  • Full enclosure