930 is Campbell Grinder Company's featured line of 5 axes machines. Depending on the CNC control each 930 grinder can simultaneously control up to 5 axes during the grind.

This series of machine is especially well suited for grinding turbine engine vanes, turbine engine buckets, turbine engine shrouds, turbine engine hangers, turbine engine panels and fairings. Depending on the size selected, this machine can be used to manufacture anything from small jet engine vanes to large land based turbine parts.

These machines can have many optional features such as automatic wheels and coolant nozzle changers as well as optional capabilities such as milling, drilling, and probing. The 930 is engineered to grind with any abrasive or superabrasive including plated or vitrified CBN or any aluminum oxide and ceramic blend grinding wheel.
930E250 Vertical Axis Grinders

Work Cube: 250mm
Spindle Drive: 60HP
930E500 Vertical Axis Grinders

Work Cube: 500mm
Spindle Drive: 60HP
930E750 Vertical Axis Grinders

Work Cube: 750mm
Spindle Drive: 100HP
930E1000 Vertical Axis Grinders

Work Cube: 1000mm
Spindle Drive: 100HP