1000 Vertical Cylindrical Grinding Machine

This proven design has been successful in ID/OD grinding in the bearing, aerospace, and power generation industries. The 1000 Inner diameter / outer diameter cylindrical grinding machine is a highly rigid platform configured to machine a part with its axis vertical, which eliminates the need for a steadyrest or tailstock, enhancing accuracy and repeatability. The vertical grinding machine is available with up to six axes of motion and various options, including hard turning to improve productivity. An optional tool changer reduces the need to re-clamp the part for multiple operations thus reducing machining time.
cylindrical grinding machine

Model 1000C2000

  • Dimensions: 3.8 M x 4.1 M
  • Swing Diameter: 2159 mm
  • Part Height: 1524 mm
  • Axes: X, Z, B, C
  • Spindle: 25 to 60 HP & 1500 to 7200 RPM*
  • *Other Speeds Available

Standard Features:

  • Fanuc CNC control
  • Precision roller ways in all axes
  • X and Z Axes Linear Motor Technology
  • Ability to use any abrasive
  • OD/ID grinding spindle
  • Single point dresser
  • Roller style table bearing
  • Linear glass scales in all axes
  • Full machine enclosure