1000 Cylindrical Grinding Machine

This proven design has been successful in ID/OD grinding in the bearing, aerospace, and power generation industries. The 1000 Inner diameter / outer diameter cylindrical grinding machine is a highly rigid platform configured to machine a part with its axis vertical, which eliminates the need for a steadyrest or tailstock, enhancing accuracy and repeatability. The ID/OD grinding machine is available with up to six axes of motion and various options, including hard turning to improve productivity. An optional tool changer reduces the need to re-clamp the part for multiple operations thus reducing machining time.

Model 1000C2000

  • Dimensions: 3.8 M x 4.1 M
  • Swing Diameter: 2159 mm
  • Part Height: 1524 mm
  • Axes: X, Z, B, C
  • Spindle: 60 HP

Standard Features:

  • Fanuc CNC control
  • Precision roller ways in all axes
  • X and Z Axes Linear Motor Technology
  • Ability to use any abrasive
  • OD/ID grinding spindle
  • Single point dresser
  • Roller style table bearing
  • Linear glass scales in all axes
  • Full machine enclosure